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200 million organized lustmurderers

Is there a criminal organisation of 200 million lustmurderers sitting as a hidden sublayer in mankind of 7 billion people?

The existence of lustmurderers is known. The number of them not.

Is the number 3 out of 100, roughly 3% ?

Is vicious well organized underground-activity of lustdamagemakers /lustmurderers the reason of the bad condition of mankind today? Aiming on genocide, aiming on killing on large scale? Aiming on “depopulation” ?

Quite sure, that you have heard this notion already here and there!

Are these underground-activities the reason for big problems of mankind, mainly problems with access to clean energy, with pollution, with food-quality (MonteSanto-quality), with cancer and health, with made biological degeneration on large scale, for problems with money-control, with industry-control, with universities- and science-control, with patentoffices-control, with political-parties-control, with administration-control, with government-control, all infiltrated by the lustmurderer-monster, manipulating therein, problems with conflict regulation, wars instead of round table solutions, including warfare with terror-strategy.

Are the bad “solutions” triggered by the lustmurderer-sublayer?

Is the head of the hidden lustmurder-monster located in the BIS-Bank in Basel, as ex-insiders say (u.o. Ronald Bernard, talking of his experiences there in 5 videos on www.dvm-tv.com ).

Does the head of the lustmurder-monster consist of 8500 super-rich millionairs / billionairs, as insiders say, members or followers of the RoRo-Clan, of the Rothschild-Rockefeller-Clan ?

Is the brain-deviation “lustmurderer” hereditary?

Are the BIS-Bank-people proven child-traffickers, coming together in the kelders of the BIS-Bank and in other hidden places in weekly feasts, with child-torture and child-murder to live out their lustmurderer-wishes?

Please note, that these torture+killer-rituals are a manner to feed the strong wishes of born lustmurderers to kill, without blood on the own hands: 100 or more or less people with the hereditary brain-deviation gather and simply delegate the killing of a child to one or two or three persons. Torture and killing are happening in their presence. That´s enough. So they don´t need 100 kids for killing purpose weekly. So the mayority of the 100 can invest their killer-energy in greater killer-plans and /or greater damage games, f.i. genocide, f.i. support of the vaccination-campain of today with very special content in order to perish the future of citizens and the future of their children: never getting grandchildren because of infertility of the vaccinated children.

Are the Zionist Papers ( published during the Zionist-Congress in Basel in 1897), with brutal plans to treat humanity, the bloody red line to the underground lustmurderer-community?

Is George Sorros a proven lustmurderer, proven by fotos of child-victims, frozen tortured dead children and frozen parts of them, and fotos of still living children in boxes, his planned victims of tomorrow ?

Found in his castle Margareten-Höhe quite near to the BIS-Bank!

Is the lustmurderer-community with undergrund power over our money-system the proven source of the Terror-Killer-Games 9/11. MH17, Appeldoorn-killer-car event (2009), London-Metro-event and and and ?

Do You have doubts? Visite some more websites:

www.truthunsealed.com with fotos of proven killers (u.a. expresident G.W. Bush in Gitmo, confessed 9/11 as his killer game, u.o. Hillary Clinton in Gitmo), u.o. George Schwarz Sorros arrested, fotos of him and his victims.



A growing lustmurderer-community is gathering in the Gitmo-prison, enforced by honest police.

We Europeans have to create our own Gitmo-prison, collect our own lustmurderer-community and place it there.


A-newspaper, the real news.





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